Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

The Different Methods Used in Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning.

Clogged pipes are an exasperating and dangerous drainage issues. A clogged drain might result from debris like food particles, dirt, grease and root intrusions that build up on the pipes’ walls. With a range of choices currently in the market, the method to use will entirely depends on your professional plumber. Here are some methods utilized for drain cleaning, both on residential and commercial premises:

Drain Snaking Drain Cleaning

A drain snake or plumbing auger, is an extremely handy equipment that can assist you to unblock various kinds of drains. This equipment is about 0.25” thick, as well as it is flexible and long. It has a hand crank on one end and has corkscrew augers on the other end. The flexible end of the drain snake tool is put inside the pipe, and extended using the hand crank end until you feel resistance, which is caused by the clog you wish to eliminate. When you get to this clog, you will push the drain snake further inside the drain. The clog will break up as well as flush the drain.

Hydro-jetting Drain Cleaning

This is a drain cleaning technique that involves the utilization of high pressure water streams to remove clogs in the drain. The hydro-jet is a hose connected to a powerful nozzle. It pushes water at a superior pressure of up to 35000PSI. The powerful nozzle is pushed inside the drain, and then water is forced through the drain. This pressure is very powerful as well as the water energy is utilized to unblock the drain. Though, hydro-jetting is very safe to utilize and the pressure won’t damage PVC pipes. Therefore, this is one of the best methods you should utilize to unclog your clogged drain.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

It uses liquid or solid forms of alkaline and acids. Basically, the acid or alkaline is directly poured inside the blocked drain, where the acid or alkaline reacts as well as unclogs the organic obstacle. The chemical products are very efficient as well as readily available. Although, some of these chemical products are very corrosive as well as cause hazards like chemical burns as well as pipe corrosion. Therefore, you should use a professional plumber who has the skills to select as well as handle these chemicals.

Air Burst Drain Cleaning

It utilizes accelerated gas like carbon dioxide to unblock drains. The gas builds a force that disintegrates as well as dislodges the built up clog. This method is more effective as well as works quicker than chemical drain cleaning. Airburst drain cleaning reaches blockages for down the pipes and doesn’t leave scratches or marks on the pipes.


A blocked drain is a disaster which can leave your house waterlogged. The above are the best methods used in hydro jetting drain cleaning. Therefore you require a qualified as well as experienced professional plumber with the skills and knowledge to make sure that the drain is unclogged effectively as well as within the shortest duration.

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