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Lear about the Basics of Solar Power for Boats

Although electric boats are not a new concept, using marine solar panel installation services MI, to equip boats with solar technology is a recent step forward. Using solar panels to keep yachts, sailboats, dinghies and even houseboats fully charged is something that is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is this option good for the environment but it can help boat owners save money by taking care of the boat’s battery as well.

Advantages to Marine Solar Panels

Keeping the batteries charged on a boat is one of the biggest annoyances that boat owners face. Even if the vessel takes a short outing, there can be high demands on the battery depending on if the owner is using a fridge, lights, a radio, or other electronics. As many people know, it is not good for the battery to be only partially recharged; to get the most life out of a marine battery, it is good to charge it to 100% whenever possible. The use of marine solar panels could greatly help this frequent frustration experienced by boaters.

Types of Marine Solar Panels

There are a few different routes when it comes to marine solar panel installations Michigan. Different types of solar panels can be mounted on different parts of the boat depending on the type of vessel and its use. Depending on the part of the boat that the panel is placed on, they can weigh anywhere from 19 to 4.6 pounds. The panels themselves can also be flexible, meaning they do not have a metal backing and can be bent to fit the curve of the boat, or fixed, meaning they have an aluminum backing and are much more durable.

Size of Marine Solar Panel Required

The number and size of the solar panels is an important aspect of instillation. For instance, to determine how many panels are needed, if one wanted to be fully dependent on solar power, the owner must figure out how many amp each electric device on the boat uses per day. Once these figures are added together, it can be worked out how many amps the boat as a whole uses in a day. Then this number needs to be divided by the number of hours of sun per day in the location that the boat is most often used. This total gives the total wattage needed from the solar panels to power the boat.

Marine Solar Panel Installation

There are a multitude of different marine solar power instillation services MI. It is generally best to hire a professional for this because of the intricate technology of the panels and the possible wiring involved. A charge controller is necessary and everything must be installed properly for the panels to work. The panels themselves also need to be sized and fitted to the specific deck of the boat. The wires for the panel installation should be marine grade. It is best not to cut corners when doing marine solar panel installations Michigan and hire someone experienced in marine solar technology.

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