Yahoo’s Work-From-Home Ban: Wrong Decision, or Necessary Evil?

Yahoo's Work From Home Ban

Yahoo’s decision to end work-from-home plans rekindles the debate about whether or not telecommuting makes sense.

The decision by new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to ban work-from-home plans set off a predictable reaction in Silicon Valley and throughout the tech world, with many folks saying that Yahoo was out of step with the somewhat sweeping trend toward greater workplace flexibility. Continue reading “Yahoo’s Work-From-Home Ban: Wrong Decision, or Necessary Evil?”

Riding the BYOD wave

IT must be an enabler of productivity and collaboration

A new report from Juniper Research predicts that the number of employee-owned mobile devices used in the enterprise will top 1 billion by 2018. That’s 35% “of the total installed base of consumer-owned tablets and smartphones,” Juniper says. Continue reading “Riding the BYOD wave”

Could BYOD Become a Job Requirement?

A car dealership is making salespeople pay for the iPads they are using at work. Fair or not?

iPads they are using at work

Could bring your own device become a job requirement?
“Reliable transportation needed.” Anyone else remember want ads with that line? The jobs in question might not have required much of a resume, but they sure did require proof of a solid vehicle to get you to work on time. Continue reading “Could BYOD Become a Job Requirement?”