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3 Tips to Choose a 24 Hour Bail Bonds Agency in Arapahoe County

Deciding to get an agency for your Arapahoe County bail bonds should be done with caution. Your goal is to have someone help and support you with the court system so that your defendant can get out and prepare for the trial. However, it’s imperative that you find an agency that you can trust. There are many risks involved when you hire a bonding agency, both for the cosigner and defendant.

You need an agency who makes it its business for you to understand how do bail bonds work. It should not make it complicated and stressful that you are forced to sign an agreement you that you cannot fulfill. Here are tips that can help you choose which agency to go to, and what you need to find for your safety and security.

Years in Providing Bail Bond Service

Years in the service means the agency has a solid reputation.  No agency can last for years in Colorado if it’s not licensed, bonded, and insured for Arapahoe County bail bonds. You are also confident that the agency is continuously observing honest and ethical business practice. Their services are affordable, and they do whatever it takes to satisfy their client.

More importantly, they have the necessary knowledge and experience to make the process simple and easy. Every move is efficient and created with a purpose. You need to help your loved one get out of jail fast, and only an experienced agency will have the necessary resources that will expedite the process.

PDQ Bail Bonds’ service in Arapahoe County spans more than 40 years. We have an established network of legal experts that can help us process your bail bonds seamlessly. We know the standard court protocols and procedures to ensure that there will be no problems in filing for your bail in bonds. We are one of the top bail bond agencies in Colorado, and you can depend on us when your loved one is stuck in jail.

Transparency in Arapahoe County Bail Bond Fees

When you hire the services of an Arapahoe County bail bonds agency, there’s a 10 percent bail bonds fee that you have to pay. This is the non-refundable premium that you give to the agency. Which means you won’t be able to get it once the trial is concluded and/or the bond is exonerated. This premium is a state standard and is regulated by the Colorado Division of Insurance.

Some agencies also make arrangements for you to afford an ankle monitoring device for your defendant. Other fees may include booking fee and posting fee for each bail. If you need to pay for additional fees, all of those should be clearly explained and included in the bail bond agreement. Every payment should also be issued with a valid receipt.

Our Arapahoe bail bondsman will make sure that both of you are on the same page when it comes to fees. Also, we will accept your payment only after you agree and sign to the bail bond agreement. If there’s something you are not sure of about your fees, you are free to approach our bonding agent.

Flexibility in Bail Bond Fees

You should also know about your options when it comes to fulfilling your financial obligations with the bail bond agency. If you cannot afford the fees, the agency should be open about payment terms and propose a schedule on when or how you need to pay. Be wary of an agency that demands you to agree on a deal that you cannot afford.

The agency should allow that you pay in cash, check, or credit card. It should also educate you about your options about whether or not you require collateral. Collateral is the agency’s guarantee that they can recover from a loss should the defendant suddenly skips or jumps bail.

The right agency is the one who specializes in your case and understands your financial situation. Never go for an agency that uses threat and intimidation to force you to sign an agreement. If you are not sure which agency to approach first, consider talking with your lawyer for a recommendation. Get friendly with court officers as well so that they can give valuable suggestions on which agency to go for, and which agency to avoid.

PDQ Bail Bonds is dedicated to delivering legit, discreet, and immediate bail bonds. If ever you find yourself needing Arapahoe County bail bonds, do not hesitate to contact our bail hotline. Being in jail is a stressful situation that drags everyone down. We’ll take that burden and find ways to smoothen out any complications you have in posting bail. Our bail bondsman in Arapahoe County is always there to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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