Building an Enterprise App Store? Here’s your list of cloud apps

cloud apps

Startup produces a helpful list showing what cloud apps enterprise employees are using

You’ve got to give it up for Skyhigh Networks, a company who is likely going to make a killing by providing information to enterprises about which cloud apps their employees are using.

In a post over at CITEWorld by Nancy Gohring she reports on a list compiled by Skyhigh, outlining the top 50 cloud apps that Skyhigh’s customers are using. Since this isn’t an industry wide survey it shouldn’t be used as a ranking per se. But it’s pretty illuminative about what kinds of tasks people are turning to the outside world to find, and a wake up call to IT leaders who may have thought that their employees were using only a few apps.

I’m not too surprised by the proliferation of data-sharing apps, which dominate the list. I would bet that most of the usage of online storage may not be for sharing between people, but for sharing between one person’s devices — say, creating an online storage account so you can have the same files accessible via phone, tablet or laptop. In some ways that’s the scariest scenario of all because it is probably done way under the radar, in order to make one person’s life easier.

Some of the apps on the list aren’t really things I would consider “cloud,” including services like Twitter and Facebook. But I guess any vehicle that can share or store data is a place that needs to be looked at from a mobile device management system. My bet is that Skyhigh and its soon to appear competitors will be doing brisk business in the near future as more enterprises try to get a handle on what BYOD and the cloud brought in. Good luck.

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