What are your concerns regarding cloud security?

When I view recent IDG data on cloud deployments, it is clear there are lingering concerns about security. That explains why relatively few organizations are placing so-called enterprise apps or mission critical apps in the cloud.

This is particularly true of organizations that are under heavy regulatory scrutiny, such as financial companies and the ever-widening medical world.

But even these companies are not immune to the tremendous pressure from users for IT to grant them anytime, anywhere access to just about any data they need, and to be able to share that data without jumping through a lot of hoops or being overly constrained by security measures.

The good news is we are starting to see the emergence of solutions and technologies from key companies that essentially allow these companies to reap the benefits of cloud data distribution models but at the same time keep that data behind the comfort and safety of their own firewalls. This means you maintain the privacy and confidentiality that you feel you need while serving up the data to the increasingly distributed workforce in the ways they want it.

There are partners out there who can help out with just such solutions. You just have to look around a bit.

Meanwhile, just what are your concerns regarding cloud security?

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